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Spring Maintenance Tips for Renters

Spring Maintenance Rental Home
Spring is just around the corner. The warm breezes will sweep in before we realize it. Prepare your rental property for spring, just as you prepare your wardrobe for the new season. There are a few maintenance tips that you might want to consider this spring that could save you money
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How to Rent a House in Kansas City

how to rent a house kansas city
Searching for your first rental house can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Finding a house to rent is exciting — the opportunities for a fresh start in a new home are just around the corner. We get to help people in the Kansas City area find home to
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Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Renters

Kansas City | Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Renters
Spring shouldn’t be the only season for deep cleaning your rental property. Fall is a great time to get tasks marked off your house cleaning checklist. Before the full hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes hold, you should take the time to tidy the inside of your rental home
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Hosting Thanksgiving for the First Time in a Rental Property

Hosting Thanksgiving for the First Time in a Rental Property
Although your rental is not your permanent home, you can still treat it like one. You should show off your rental property by hosting Thanksgiving for your family and friends! Even if Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday — with the food, the family, and the football, what’s n
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Keep Your Tenants Warm with Proper Heating System Maintenance

Kansas City | Keep Your Tenants Warm with Heating System Maintenance
As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to keep your tenants comfortable during all seasons, whether you do this by having the air conditioners inspected and repaired in the spring, or by scheduling fall heating system maintenance. Experts agree that fall is the perfect time for hea
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Fireplace Maintenance for Your Rental Property

Kansas City | Fireplace Maintenance
If there is a fireplace in your rental property, your tenants might get the itch to begin firing it up as autumn temperatures start dropping. Whether they use their fireplaces occasionally to provide warmth on cooler nights or they always enjoy having flames in their hearth during fal
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Single-Family Home: The Benefits

single-family home
Single-Family Home: The Benefits There are a variety of different styles of homes, and a single-family home may be the perfect fit for you. So, what exactly is this kind of property? In the real estate world, the term “single-family home” refers to a house that is not attached to
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Renters Insurance: Why Renters Need It

renters insurance
If your rental property has ever been in a natural disaster or been robbed and vandalized, you know how important renters insurance is. As a renter, your rental unit and all of your property are extremely susceptible to damage in these situations. Because of this, it is very important
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Tenants: How to Get Back Your Security Deposit

security deposit
Renters, are you afraid that you will not get your security deposit back from your property owner? Lots of states throughout the country have put in place laws that serve to protect your interests. Now, property owners are required, by law, to follow the security deposit laws that hav
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How Does Location Affect Rental Value?

When you do some research, it is easy to understand how and why location has such an impact on rental value. Typically, properties located in areas where people can commute to work easily, are near shops and leisure facilities, and are in close proximity to the best schools in the are
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