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Spring Maintenance Tips for Renters

Spring Maintenance Rental Home
Spring is just around the corner. The warm breezes will sweep in before we realize it. Prepare your rental property for spring, just as you prepare your wardrobe for the new season. There are a few maintenance tips that you might want to consider this spring that could save you money
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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Property Owners

As the snow melts away and the first snow bells of the season begin to bud, it’s time for property owners to start thinking about lawn care. That’s right, being a good property owner, means revamping your lawn as it’s needed each spring. Winter can be hard on a yard, but in a fe
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Winter Home Care Tips for Renters

winterize your home
Although winter is nearing an end, there is more snow fall and ice to come. Because of this, it is important for renters to employ some basic home care practices. Failure to take some vital precautions is a sure-fire way to experience unwanted complications along the road — some
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Holiday Safety Tips for Landlords

Kansas City | Holiday Safety Tips for Landlords
It’s official — with Thanksgiving behind us, holiday tunes on the radio, and winter temperatures returning to Kansas City, the holiday spirit is in full swing. While your tenants are probably eager to string up their decorations and cozy up by the fireplace if they haven’t a
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Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Renters

Kansas City | Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Renters
Spring shouldn’t be the only season for deep cleaning your rental property. Fall is a great time to get tasks marked off your house cleaning checklist. Before the full hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes hold, you should take the time to tidy the inside of your rental home
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How to Rent Your House in 6 Steps

Kansas City | How to Rent Your House
If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to sell your home in today’s difficult real-estate market, you might be wondering how to rent your house. With increasing mortgage rates stalling the housing market recovery, current homeowners are learning that becoming a landlord is a viable option
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Prepare Your Property for Winter with Outdoor Home Maintenance

Outdoor Home Maintenance | National Property Management Kansas City
If you own a rental property in an area that experiences seasonal changes like Kansas City, outdoor home maintenance should be at the top of your to-do list this autumn. Along with heating system maintenance, preparing your rental property in advance for the cooler winter temperatures
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Renting a Townhouse or Duplex: The Benefits

townhouse, duplex house for rent kansas city
Duplex and townhouse rentals are great options for individuals who want to live in a home-style property but are not ready to buy a home yet. Both of these types of properties are an affordable alternative to purchasing a home. Before you make this important decision, though, be sure
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Single-Family Home: The Benefits

single-family home
Single-Family Home: The Benefits There are a variety of different styles of homes, and a single-family home may be the perfect fit for you. So, what exactly is this kind of property? In the real estate world, the term “single-family home” refers to a house that is not attached to
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Create More Space with Closet Organization Solutions

closet organization
If you need to create more space in your home, bedroom closet organization is a good place to start. Utilized to its fullest potential, these closets can act as great storage centers for a plethora of items. Despite popular belief, bedroom closets do not need to be restricted to cloth
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