National Property Management Group Property Managers

Rental Acceptance

Guidelines for Rental Acceptance

  • Two year clear rental/homeowner history
  • Employment Letter/Income verification by paystub
  • Income: Gross Monthly Income must be at least 3 times the Monthly Rent
  • Each adult applicant must individually qualify to pay the entire rent on his/her own in the event that a roommate/spouse leaves during the tenancy
  • One-year stability with current job (exceptions – job transfer or starting out in career)
  • Credit report and criminal record check
  • Landlord reference check
  • Bad credit rating must be two years or more in the past (with the last two years no derogatory credit reported)
  • 2 years no late payments after a bankruptcy discharge
  • No past rent unpaid (no acceptance/no exceptions)
  • NO unverifiable information

Anything less than these requirements (with owner approval) may be accepted with:

  • prepayment of rent
  • a qualified co-signer

Maximum allowed occupancy is two people per bedroom and up to three unrelated adults. Ordinances/or owners may have additional restrictions.  All owners make the final decision, not the management company.