National Property Management Group Property Managers

Questions For Your Property Management Company

Are you looking for a professional property management company in the Kansas City Metro area?  Do you know what to ask?

Here are some great questions you can ask when interviewing a Property Management Company.

  1. Are they a full service management company or do they only provide a “Lease only/Tenant placement” service where you do all the screening, management, deposit return, accounting and handle all the problems? How many years have they been actually managing rentals? We have been in the full service property management services business since 2002.
  2. How many homes do they actually manage, versus lease only’s? NPMG® manages approximately 300 homes and we are growing every day.  This represents millions of dollars of real estate management.
  3. How many evictions did they have last year? NPMG had zero evictions in 3 + years and manages millions of dollars’ worth of residential rental properties.
  4. Do they provide a discounted lease renewal service? If they don’t charge something, they will usually move a new tenant in each year to generate a new commission.
  5. For Maintenance; do they have employees on staff, or use Independent Agents/Contractors? If a company has on staff handymen or contractors, there is a conflict of interest.  How do you know the employees need the work or if your house needs the work? NPMG uses trained and dedicated independent and licensed contractors and vendors to manage YOUR most valuable asset.
  1. Do they actually use a professional credit bureau service that collects the most up to date data and on prospective tenants? NPMG uses a service of Transunion, one of the largest credit bureau agencies.
  1. Do they require online rental payments and offer electronic deposits to owners?
  2. Are they A Rated with the BBB?
  3. Do they know where to effectively advertise your rental and publish ads on all the top rental property websites? Do they advertise with professional full color advertising e-flyers? Do they have a network of real estate agents, relocation agents, insurance companies and HR directors throughout the metro?
  4. Does ANY staff member have 10+ years of experience managing residential rentals?
  5. Do they offer a 24 hour emergency maintenance service?
  6. Do they manage rentals full time?  If they sell homes, they are not focused on just renting and managing homes.
  7. Do they offer preventative maintenance options as well as reactive maintenance services?
  8. Do they offer no obligation, free home inspections that include a top to bottom report of your homes condition with recommendations for needed maintenance?
  9. Do they offer lease purchase programs?
  10. Do they have professional signage for your yard?
  11. Can they give you a list of property management references?
  12. Do they represent you EXCLUSIVELY, service or do they represent renters also?
  13. Do they coordinate maintenance on your behalf?
  14. Do they provide detailed financial reports, end of year accounting, and 1099’s?
  15. Do they provide EXPERIENCED tenant screening services beyond just a credit check?
  16. Do they know the rental licensing requirements for your home?
  17. Do they actually have a physical office and regular office hours?
  18. Can they process on-line applications?
  19. Do they have an on-line owner portal for viewing monthly/quarterly/annual statements and financial reports?
  20. Can maintenance requests be submitted through an on-line work-order request?
  21. Do they process owner’s rental deposits within 15 days of the receipt of rent payments?
  22. Do they perform the move-out inspection; reconcile damages and disperse damage deposits?
  23. Are they licensed?
  24. Do they know the LAWS pertaining to rental properties and employment?
    • State AND Federal
    • Hud Laws
    • FHEO Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity agency
    • ADAAA Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADA and Amendments)
    • EPA Environmental Protection Agency or Environmental Protection Act
    • RLPHRA The Residential Lead-Based Paint Reduction Act
    • RESPA Real Estate Settlement & Protection Act
    • FACTA Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
    • FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • FCC Federal Communications Commission
    • FTCA Federal Trade Commission Act
    • TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act
    • EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
    • ECOA Equal Credit Opportunity Act
    • FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act
    • FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
    • ADEA Age Discrimination in Employment Act
    • USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act
    • HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 laws

31. Do they notify you of ALL maintenance requests?  Read the fine print, if they can spend a few hundred dollars without notifying you, do you think they will?

The answer to all of these questions is YES! National Property Management Group knows the answers and has the experience you need and want.