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Property owners find making the decision to rent or lease out their home a difficult personal choice. For some property owners, the decision to lease is because the home is an investment property. For other property owners, the decision to lease a home comes because the home has been on the market, is not selling and  needs to relocate or downsize or move to a larger home. Whatever the reason, National Property Management treats a home the way property owners would want. Below are some of the important ways we handle the transaction of leasing your home. Know that you and your home are in excellent, professional realty property management hands!

What is the rental value of my house?

Unfortunately, there is no set formula to determine the rental value of your home. The best way to get the answer to “How much rent can I get for my property?” is to talk with a listing agent about your specific property. We will do comparisons based on area, size, age, value, etc. for your home. Please contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate on your home’s rental value.

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How long does it take to get my house leased?

Average days on market vary according to several factors:
• time of year
• price range
• location
• cosmetic appeal
• cleanliness

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Who will be touring my home?

Property owners can and should be protective of their home. We are personally on hand to show your home, seven days a week. We start the process of taking extra care of your property right from the start. We pre-qualify prospective tenants before we ever show them your home.

How do I know that the renters are qualified?

Because we focus on mid-to-high level homes, a lot of the lessees have been property owners so there is a higher commitment to maintaining your property. One of the keys to success in this area is professional screening. We use a professional screening company to verify the information on the application. We screen applicants by:

• Securing a national credit report on each adult resident
• Checking with current and previous landlords and asking specific questions regarding payment history, number of tenants, status of pets, condition of the home, if there were complaints from neighbors, and if the landlord would rent to the applicant again.
• Reviewing their employment history
• Requesting a background and criminal check

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Do you require management services with your tenant locating service?

No, you can use just our “Lease Only” services. Our Lease Only Program is for property owners who only need a qualified tenant and not our realty property management services. We find the tenant and you do the rest.

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Do you have the lowest fees in town?

We believe so! There are different ways to price realty property management. For example, one company may charge you for all advertising including websites and newspapers but have a lower leasing commission charged to the owner. Another company might charge a lower management fee but not offer the same services that another company offers. We believe we are able to give you the best price by maintaining a low overhead but without sacrificing exceptional service and professionalism. We also believe we can offer years of knowledge and expertise that will get your home rented for the highest rent possible along with the best quality renter. We know that every week your home sits vacant; it is money out of your pocket. We feel that we offer a great service package while offering the best rates possible. See our rates.

Why do you need us to be named as an additional insured on your homeowners policy?

This story illustrates the main reason: A client whose insurance company would not add the Realty Property Management company as an additional insured had a tenant bring a lawsuit related to mold. The Realty Property Management’s insurance company defended them and the property owners insurance company defended the owner. The case was settled for a token amount but the Realty Property Management insurance company’s cost of defense was about $20,000. The Realty Property Management’s insurance company is now going after the owner to get reimbursed. This owner is still a client with the Property Management company, but he is mad at his insurance company for refusing to protect him in this case. If his insurance company had added the Realty Property Management Company as an additional insured then they would have defended both of them at the same time and the owner would not have to pay the insurance company’s legal fees to defend what was a frivolous claim.

How will you market my property?

Our website, professional yard signs, relationships with relocation companies, insurance companies, large and small corporations and real estate agents all over the metro can all bring potential renters to you.

Your home will be shown to corporate relocation clients, people just moving into KC for work, young families who are saving for a down payment and working singles and couples that aren’t ready to buy yet.

We work with lots of Realtors and one of the reasons is because although we are licensed real estate agents, their clients are safe with us because we don’t sell homes. We also pay referral fees!

Our network of sites allow you distribution to more than 30 other sites like RentalHouses, Vast,  MyNewPlace,,,, Google , Bing,,, Zillow, Trulia, Oodle, HotPads, Craigslist, Google Base, MySpace, eBay Classifieds, OLX, Yahoo!and many more…

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