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National Property Management Group offers best-in-class property management services to homeowners and investors in Kansas City seeking a renter for their property. We have over a decade of experience and knowledge in Kansas City property management services. Because of our expertise in property management services, we can handle the entire property leasing process and make owning and leasing rental property a turnkey process with our professional property management services, systems and industry knowledge.  We pour our passion and experience into each home we lease and manage. Please call us to discuss your specific needs in property management services, listing and/or managing a rental property in Kansas City. Need to place your property for rent in Kansas City? Call us today at (913) 766-2302.

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Leasing Property Management Services

The majority of our clients choose to use our property management services from start of the leasing process to the finish; but others simply need our assistance finding a renter. We cater our leasing and property management services to each Kansas City property owner.

How do your property management services help find tenants?

Using National Property Management Group to lease your Kansas City home begins with a simple phone call (or contact us form). Once you contact us and supply your property information, we will go through the details, answer all your questions and guide you through the process. Some of our property management services include:

• Property evaluation
• Recommend repair or cosmetic updates to maximize rent.
• Recommend a monthly rent based on market comparables.
• Market and advertise your property.
• Place a professional “For Rent” sign at the property, if desired.
• Advertise on all the top rental websites.
• Prescreen and  show the property to prospective tenant(s).
• “No Worries” Tenant Guarantee

Contact Us today to learn more about our property management services in Kansas City!

Is marketing included in property management services?

property_management-servicesOnce your home is listed for lease, we will handle all of the marketing and advertising to promote the listing. We’ll market your listing on the top national high-profile websites for mid-to-high end rental properties. Some of the websites we use include:

Ablewise,,, Craig’s list, CoxMedia. Cyberhomes, Ebay classifieds,, Feedburner, Front Door, geebo, Googlebase,,,, indeed, Inetgiant,,,,,,,,, Millionrss, My New Place,,, MySpaceClassifieds, Ollo, OLX,, Overstock, RealtyFeedSearch,,, Rentbits, RentList, RentSpeed, Simply hired,,, Trulia,,,, WalmartClassifieds, Yakaz, Yahoo! Real Estate, Zikbay., Last, with your listing syndicated to over 30 websites, we’ll place a lock box on the door. Your home will be shown to potential renters by appointment only.

Is tenant screening a part of my property management services?

property-management-services Careful screening can result in great tenants.

When prospective renters are interested in leasing your property, we will write up the offer for the lease and go through an application process to screen the renter.

We take the screening process very seriously. It allows us to find you the best tenant for your property. Because we treat your home as if it were our own, we ensure a quality screening process for each applicant. We use TansUnions’s  to ensure the renter their information is kept secure. This also protects the landlord and the owner from any privacy concerns.

After we have a prospective tenant(s) we will:

• Collect completed application information.
• Perform tenant screening including credit scores, criminal background checks, employment verification and rental history.
• Verify and actually contact all references including landlords.
• Submit all screened and qualified applicants to the property owner for approval.
• Negotiate rent and lease terms.
• Execute lease agreement and other required documents.
• Turn over all the documents and money to complete the process.
• Lease up fee, 75% of the first month’s rent on a one year lease; 6.25% of rents collected.
• Collect security deposits.

Once the screening is completed we compare the reports against qualifications for leasing your property. We present you with their information and let you make the decision. On managed properties, an inspection is completed at move in.

Our “No Worries” Tenant Guarantee

If a tenant placed by National Property Management breaks the lease or has to be evicted within the first 8 months of the original lease, we will advertise, show, screen and place a new tenant for free.

We have such a high degree of faith in our tenant screening service, our promise to you is no additional cost to locate a new tenant for your home!

This motivates us to bring you the best possible tenant the first time and gives our owners peace of mind.

Contact Us today to learn more about our property management services in Kansas City!

How do property management services get my property “move-in” ready?

Once you’ve selected a tenant, we will make sure the property and renters are “move-in” ready. We will collect the first rent payment and deposit. We’ll get confirmation numbers that the utilities have been transferred to the new tenant’s names, verify that they have renters insurance in place and we will coordinate their move in and  transferring the keys and garage door openers to the renters.

Ready to have National Property Management Group lease your Kansas City home? Call (913) 766-2302.

Property Management Services for Homeowners & Investors

In addition to assisting in the property leasing process, National Property Management Group can also manage your rental property. Most owners find this option highly cost-effective. By utilizing our property management services, you can maximize profits and eliminate the hassle of managing a rental property yourself.

Is maintenance & emergency response included in NPM’s property management services?

When we manage your rental property, we provide timely and cost-effective maintenance for the sake of you and your tenants. This not only ensures your property is well kept (an important  concern among property owners), but it also keeps your renters happy. We will not spend maintenance dollars for repairs at your property without your permission, and we are happy to work with vendors of your choice. We are also the point-of-contact for any emergency maintenance needs that arise after hours, and are available to renters not only during normal business hours and after business hours as well.

Contact Us today to learn more about our property management services in Kansas City!

Can your property management services help me collect rent and deposits?

We will handle collecting deposits, rent and fees from your renters. We work in accordance with landlord/tenant laws and have experience in taking appropriate action if rent is not received on time. We offer tenants online payment options. We provide online access to accounting  documentation of all rent payments received, expenses incurred and disperse electronic payments to the owners bank accounts monthly.

Advisement on Rental Investment Dollars

Because of our extensive understanding of the Kansas City rental market and those interested in renting mid-to-upper level single-family homes, we often advise investors on future rental properties. We know the rental value of homes in the area and what renters are looking for in a rental home. We manage rental properties for many investors desiring to spend their time on finding more investments and not property management.

Advantages of using Property Management Services from NPM

• We will visit your property before you sign any contracts with us. We have an extensive database of information to help you properly price your home for rent.

• We don’t spend your maintenance dollars for repairs at your property without your permission. We will let you use your vendors or ours; if you use ours you can speak directly with them to understand all the facts.

• Our fees are overall the best we’ve seen in the Kansas City metro area.

• We screen all rental applicants. Renting to the wrong tenant can be a nightmare. We will screen your prospects properly. We conduct credit reports, criminal searches, and eviction searches to help you make an informed decision when leasing your property.

• All credit and background checks of our rental clients are free of charge to owners.

• We comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act and other regulations to ensure that your potential tenants are handled fairly and their privacy is respected.

• We aggressively market your property through websites, signage and extensive referrals.

Charges and Fees For Kansas City Rental Properties

Our fees for leasing & property management of rental properties are the best we’ve seen. We’re a “no surprises” company and offer up-front and competitive pricing.  There are 3 basic fees to lease and manage your property:

The Set Up Fee

Your only upfront admin fee is just 10% of one full month’s rent to list your property. (If your home rents for $1,000 per month you would pay a one-time listing fee of $100.00.) We do not charge you for applicant’s background and credit checks.

The Property Leasing Commission

Most companies charge a full month’s rent for their leasing commission fee. Our commission to lease your home is 75% of the first month’s rent (6.25%), prorated to one full year. For example, if your home rents for $1000/month on a 12-month lease, the one-time commission would be $750. The commission for a 24-month lease on the same home would be $1,500.  The average leasing commission in KC is 75% to one full month of rent, so we are very competitive.  The fee includes all marketing, advertising, showings, screening, and processing the tenants for move in.

The Management Fee

To perform property management services for your rental home, other companies in the area will charge 7-10%. We only charge 5% to manage your home ($50 minimum.) This includes collecting rent, monthly direct deposits into your checking account, online statements for income and expenses, handling maintenance calls, move in and move out inspections,  year-end 1099 tax forms, etc..

The Renewal Fee

If your tenant renews their lease, most companies charge you another full leasing commission. We will only charge you 50%; we will work hard during the lease to be responsive to your tenant to encourage them to stay in the home, reducing wear and tear and potential income loss.  If your property management company does not charge a renewal fee, you can be sure that they will put a new tenant in your home every year to generate the commission.

Maintenance Reserve

If you are using our property management services, we will hold $350 in reserve to cover possible costs as needed. (This is not a fee and is fully refundable.)

Residential Property Management Basic Services & Fees

  • Leasing Fee: 75% of 1st month’s rent (for a one year lease)
  • Lease renewals (Free): 50% of lst months’ rent (for a one year lease)
  • Monthly Management Fee: 5% of monthly rent
  • Maintenance & Repairs: Volume Discounts
  • Monthly Base advertising Fee: $0
  • Property showing fees: $0
  • Owners have access to detailed monthly statement online 24/7.
  • Automatic electronic distributions are made monthly on or about the 15th of the month, subject to balance and distribution minimums.

Note: The above Services and Fees are subject to change. The NPMG PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT contains the current service and fees in place at the time of the agreement.


Contact Us today to learn more about our property management services in Kansas City!

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