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Rental House Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the best ways to get prospective tenants interested in your rental house property. The more attractive as you can make the outside appear, the quicker your rental house will be off the market. The same goes for the inside and remodeling jobs. From our property management experience, we have watched tenants keep upgraded properties well maintained. We have also seen the flip side where tenants in poorly maintained spaces show less respect and care for the rental property.

In the past, a property owner has been able to put their up their rental house with little money going into the property and receive a substantial return. That has changed due to market fluctuations and tenant expectations. In order to gain a positive impression from a potential tenant, you must take into account the curb appeal of your rental house, as well as updates to the interior.

That is where we come in. We work with vendors who offer special pricing for remodeling and general repair items. We do not mark up the maintenance work, you are billed only for the contractor costs.  Improving the curb appeal of your rental house can help it attract the right renters for the community, and for you.

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Rental House Curb Appeal

Landscaping, lawn maintenance and exterior work all enhance curb appeal. From the precision of the trim and color of the rental house to professional landscaping and freshly manicured lawns, having a well kept lawn shows that more likely than not, the interior is well kept, too. it is important to prospective rental house buyers that the product they are purchasing is a finished product, both inside and out.

Rental House Remodeling

Today’s tenants don’t just want clean interiors; they want updated, modern spaces in their rental properties, too. By updating your appliances, flooring, painting, and in some cases remodeling areas of the rental house, you can improve your chances of finding a quality tenant at a reasonable rent. A higher quality interior generally attracts a higher quality tenet.

Advice on Home Upgrades on Rental House Properties

In our long history in the industry, we have come to understand that sometimes less is more. When the market is strong, many owners think that it is okay to let certain things go on their rental house properties. Because the demand is high, tenants demands are low causing fewer expenses for the rental house.

However, when an owner is receiving a high rent on a consistent basis, that’s actually the right time to invest some of that income back into the property. It is a good idea to replace little things here and there as they break down, or as a means of maintaining the look and feel of the property. It will reassure your tenant that you take pride in the property and value them as tenants. This can also limit the amount of expenses needed when you are in-between tenets.

Owners who do these things tend to hang on to their tenants longer and have fewer issues over the term of the tenancy. When the tenant does decide to leave, you are in a good position. You will have to spend less money to bring the rental house up to expectations and you’ll re-rent the property faster and collect a higher rent in some cases.

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