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Kansas City Owners Guide

Our property management experience allows us to work with property owners and make renting your property an easy and nearly effortless process. We’ll use our expertise and help you set a competitive market rate for your rental home and rent it quickly. Visit the pages below for more tips for owners considering leasing their properties:

Determining Rental Value

National Property Management Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you determine the value of your rental. As a property management company with years of experience in the Kansas City rental market, we can help you set the right monthly rent based on the value of your property.

Cleaning Your Property

We know what prospective tenants are looking for when they view a rental home. We can provide you with tips as a property management company to make sure your home is staged as well as possible to attract renters.

Increasing Curb Appeal & Attractiveness of the Home

Whatever your budget, we can provide you with advice on how to increase curb appeal and indoor attractiveness of your rental call. As an experience property management group, we’ve helped many home owners increase their home’s value with a small investment to attract more renter interest.

Understanding Landlord and Tenant Laws

It’s important to understand your rights as a landlord as well as the rights of renters, however, you don’t have all the time in the world to keep updated on these laws. Hire a property management company who has years of experience working with home owners in Kansas and Missouri and make sure you understand your rights in any situation.

Common Costs to Expect as a New Landlord

Check out National Property Management Group owner Leslie Courtney’s thoughts on the Common Costs to Expect as a New Landlord.

Managing Your Own Property?

If you are planning on managing your own property, we can still help! We can help you with:

  • Marketing
  • Showing Your Property
  • Understand Laws
  • Manage Tenets
  • Maintenance/Repairs
  • Pet Policies
  • Security Deposits


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