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NPM rental property management group takes the hassle and stress out of renting your property. Whether the real estate market in Kansas City has posed a challenge for you to sell your home, or you need a tenant for your real estate  investment property, let our professional rental property management team give you a hassle-free experience. Call (913) 766-2302 to contact National Property Management Group.

Professional Rental Property Management Services

  • Experienced, Specialized Property Marketing
  • Thorough Comprehensive Tenant Screening
  • Rent and Security Deposit Accounting
  • Tenant Screening (Zero tenant evictions 3 years in a row)
  • Transition Services (Move in-Move out checklists, inspection, Home Make Ready Services)
  • Professional Management and Leasing Forms
  • Rent Collection, Financial Account Management
  • Online Detailed Statements of Activity
  • Free Property Evaluations
  • Scheduling of Routine Property Maintenance
  • Comply with State Landlord Tenant laws
  • Provide year-end Tax Reports
  • Available 24/7 for Emergency Maintenance


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Why Use Professional Rental Property Management?

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We tell anyone who is considering their own property management that if you have the perfect renter and only minor maintenance, you don’t need a rental property management company. However there are usually situations that come up, that without experience could be costly. Those mistakes usually cost more than hiring a professional.  You could have a major maintenance item that can go on for days.  What if a couple divorces and one wants out of the lease, do you know what you can and can’t do legally?  What if they lose a job and want to break the lease, do you know the best procedures to get them to pay rent until you find a new tenant?

There are so many laws that have to be followed and every situation is very different.  We have not had to go through an eviction for years, partly due to screening, but mostly because we have almost 15 years experience protecting owners and their homes.  We are here to shield you from things like angry tenants, the nickle and dime type of repairs, complaints over slowness of responses, the constant back and forth problems that can take up a lot of your time. We can be the person who says no, you cannot be two weeks late and can stay on top of problematic situations. That is our job 24/7.

As your rental property management partners, we take the calls, make sure rent is collected, do your accounting, year end tax 1099 forms, handle maintenance issues, follow up, move in and move out inspections, give you expert advice and more.  We do all of that for 5% of the rent, lower than the average charge of 7 to 10%. We are able keep pricing competitive by keeping our overhead low and working with online systems to lower labor costs. If you are still considering leasing your home, please give us a call to discuss any questions you may have.  

We live by our motto: Experience, Integrity, Results!

Why Work with National Property Management Group?

National Property Management Group is a full service property management company and we have been professionally managing property for almost 15 years. That is our only focus, no sales or commercial properties, just residential rentals. Full service means you can walk away knowing everything is being taken care of at your home the way with the same care you would give. You can be as involved as you wish, if you want more of a hands on role. Most properties rent within 30-45 days. We do massive amounts of advertising to renters; statistics say 80 % of renters start their search online. We also work with lots of relocation agents, real estate agents, insurance agents, plus major local companies who consistently bring new employees to the Kansas City rental market. Many times, this results in more than one applicant for your home, giving you choices. We do full background screenings on every applicant and our average credit score is between 700-750. We work with people who are renting because they are in transition, not because they can’t buy a home due to bad credit. We believe our prices are the most competitive that you will find (if you find better rates overall, let us know and we can meet any competitors’ pricing).
We don’t surprise our owners with deductions from rent for maintenance. We allow owners the choice in maintenance companies and we contact the owner with each maintenance request. We also believe having maintenance people on staff is a conflict of interest; how do you know the maintenance that is being done is necessary or if the employee just needs more hours? Our vendors and contractors are dependable, licensed and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays for emergencies. Their rates are comparable to any professional in KC and they warranty their work. If you’re weighing your options for your rental property management, we encourage you to consider working with us. We are professionals with the experience and knowledge you need to protect one of your biggest assets.  Here are some  reasons other property owners have chosen to use our rental property services:

Avoid The Stress

Rental property management can become a major hassle for investors and owners, especially owners that live away from the rental property or aren’t “home savvy” when it comes to maintenance. From collecting rent, resolving conflicts and maintaining a property, tasks and time can add up and become stressful for a property owner. We take the hassle away from you as an owner and take care of the rental property management and renters for you.

You Aren’t Local

If you do not live near your rental property, managing it can become very difficult. National Property Management Group is locally based in Kansas City and can quickly respond to your tenants’ needs. We’ll take the 1am phone calls about the flooded basement and arrange for the cleanup.

You Don’t Need a Part-Time Job

Most rental property owners find that the benefits of hiring National Property Management Group for their rental property management services  far outweigh the costs. For a small percentage of your monthly rent, we will provide all of the expertise and experience needed in order for you to generate income from your rental property. This frees you up to spend more time investing in other rental properties, allows you to focus on other important things or just use your free time as you choose. It also allows your renters the opportunity to work with professionals who understand what they need and expect. This leads to high occupancy rates and very low turnover for our property owners. Owning, leasing and renting property can become another part-time job, but hiring a rental property management company will help create a real estate income stream.

You’re Not Familiar with Landlord Tenant Law

There is a lot to know about rental property management and landlord/tenant relationships. At National Property Management Group, we are very familiar with laws that govern rental properties and real estate. Not only will we work with renters on your behalf in full accordance with the law, but we can also advise you on the best choices and actions to take if a tenant becomes difficult. We will also make sure your advertising, the application process and screening is in compliance when putting your property on the rental market in Kansas City. Most landlord tenant nightmares happen because homeowners don’t know how to handle a difficult tenant.

You Don’t Want to Deal with Confrontation

If you aren’t one for confrontation, rental property management is probably not going to be your cup of tea. Although we pre-screen applicants and find the best fit for your rental property, most owners are just too nice to be forceful with a problem tenant. They do tend to test an owner more than a company because of that. We do have to follow up on monthly rent payments from time to time and resolve the issues that come up. We work directly with the renters to collect payments, all tenant relations, maintenance calls and scheduling. We’ll also handle any conflicts that come up and work quickly to resolve them so you don’t need to get involved. In 15 years, we’ve seen many different issues and with the experience we have, we can handle whatever comes up.

More reasons from the “professionals” to use  professional rental property management services: check out this article in Realty Times.

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