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Real Property Management

In 2003, Leslie started as a part-time leasing agent, showing properties for an established real property management company. She soon became the sole real property agent responsible for bringing in new business to the company. With several years of experience and knowledge in the real property management field, she began Rent KC Management Group. Her philosophy is simple: it is all about retention. The client you have is just as important as the new customer walking in the door. She and her team work very hard to provide great customer service for both owners and renters. Keeping everyone happy can be challenging, but it is rewarding, and no day is ever the same. Over the years Rent KC has grown from just Leslie to a full time staff of office personnel, property managers, 3 full time real property management contractors on call 24/7 and leasing agents available to show property 7 days a week.
Due to sound business practices, efficient management and our experienced dedicated staff, the company has experienced phenomenal growth and was able to consider expansion. In 2011, she began plans to take the business into a new city, and in 2012, Rent KC became National Property Management Group and opened the first satellite office in Miami Beach, FL. There the business is focused on the exclusive upper-bracket luxury homes based around the Miami Beach area. Future plans include opening the next real property management office in Houston, TX.

Professional Leasing & Real Property Management Services – Experience. Integrity. Results.

While your rental home may not be your residence, it’s still a huge asset to your personal finances. We take this very seriously and personally at National Property Management Group. Our company motto drives and focuses us each day: “Experience. Integrity. Results”

Not only are we professional and experienced in the rental real estate market, but we also operate with integrity to ensure things are done right. Furthermore, we have the results to prove it. Our number one goal is to make sure our properties are rented to quality tenants who pay on time and complete their lease agreements to full-term. We experience low turnover from tenants and high satisfaction from property owners when we’re involved in the leasing and management process.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to provide real property management for the Kansas City area. It pleases us to find the right tenants, for the right lessees. We work for both, knowing fully that both enter into a symbiotic relationship. Without a tenant, the landlord is losing money. Without a landlord, the tenant is without a roof. National Property Management Kansas City is locally owned and operated. Our offices are in Lenexa, KS and we manage property listings through out the Kansas City metro area.

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