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Some Tips On Enduring A Kansas City Summer

Staying cool in the heat of a Kansas City summer can be a challenge. National Property Management Group has some tips to keep the rays at bay. Continue reading Continue Reading →

Five Apps For Property Managers Plus One

Five mobile apps to keep you organized plus one to keep your sanity. Continue reading
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Renting Property To Pet Owners

on average, pet friendly apartments made more money per year than those that did not. Continue reading
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Choosing A Property Management Company

Finding a good property manager is just as critical as finding a good tenant, sometimes even more critical. Continue reading
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Common Mistakes Made By New Landlords

The demand for rental property is better than ever but the value of your own home may not be what it used to be. So you may be considering renting your home until the market improves enough for you to sell. Or perhaps you’re being temporarily transferred to another city but plan to
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Why Use A Property Management Company: Bad Tenants

If you’ve recently found yourself as a newly minted landlord you might be tempted to go it alone. Particularly if you have a lovely property in a highly sought after neighborhood or area. How hard could it be to find a responsible tenant when you would only consider renting to someo
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Why Use A Property Manager?

If you’re a homeowner who’s considering renting your home you might think twice about doing it yourself. Being your own landlord isn’t normally a good idea unless you have previous experience. Consider a few things before you embark on your new career as a property manager: Can
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