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How To Be A Good Neighbor While Renting

Being a good tenant goes beyond paying rent. It means being a good neighbor. One of the concerns we hear from the homeowners whose property we manage is how their neighbors will react to a renter in their home. We put them at ease with the quality of the renters we find. National Prop
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Keeping A Positive Relationship With Tenants

Keeping a positive relationship is key to successful property management. Continue reading
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Protecting Yourself With Landlord Insurance

If you plan to rent your home there are many things to consider before putting an ad in the local paper or coffee shop. One of them is liability. Landlord insurance is something you need to investigate in order to properly protect yourself (and your assets) in the event of a mishap. W
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“There Goes The Neighborhood”-Reasons Why Rental Property In Your Community Isn’t A Crisis

Rental property in an upscale neighborhood doesn't have to be a negative if handled properly. Continue reading Continue Reading →

“Rent My House” – Protecting Your Home When You Rent It

At National Property Management Group we are accustomed to working with homeowners who find themselves needing to rent their homes. For some it’s a matter of simply waiting until the market improves before selling. For others it may mean relocation for work. Regardless, we specializ
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Tips For The Happy Renter

Tips for making the renting experience a positive one. Continue reading
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Why Hire A Property Management Company: Finding Tenants

If you’ve found yourself a newly minted landlord because you’re waiting for the market to rebound before you sell or perhaps you’ve inherited a home from a relative, you might think it’s a snap to find a qualified renter. After all, you have an upscale home in a desirable nei
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Six Reasons To Rent Instead Of Buying

Home ownership can come with lots of headaches and is a big commitment. Renting can be a terrific option until you're ready. Continue reading &rarr
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