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How Landlords Handle Rental Inspections – KC Property Management Education

Regular inspections of your investment properties will help you take care of necessary maintenance, preserve the condition of your asset, and ensure your tenants are following the terms of your lease agreement. You should inspect your rental home a minimum of three times during a tena
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What if My Tenant is Not Paying Rent? Kansas City Property Management Advice

Tenants are less likely to pay rent late when they are accountable to a professional property manager. KC property management companies have procedures in place, and they enforce the terms of the lease. If you have a tenant who is not paying rent, you need to follow a consistent and r
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How to Handle Property Maintenance – What Kansas City Landlords Need to Know

To successfully manage investment properties, it’s critical to maintain them. Handling repairs and maintenance at your rental property requires a plan for preventative care, emergency response, and careful documentation. Today, we’re talking about how you should handle property ma
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What is a Good Tenant and How Do I Find One? Kansas City Tenant Screening 101

Knowing how to find tenants is an important part of being a landlord. But, you don’t just want tenants – you want good tenants. A good tenant will pay rent on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of your lease. At National Property Management Group, we work hard
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What Are Professional Property Management Fees in Kansas City?

One of the reasons rental property owners and landlords shy away from using professional management is the fear of overpaying for a service they don’t really understand. You actually get a lot of value in exchange for your property management fees, as long as you’re working with t
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What Does a Professional Property Management Company in Kansas City Do?

When you work with National Property Management Group in the Kansas City Metro area, you know you’re getting experience, integrity, and results. But many people wonder what exactly a professional manager can do for you. Today, we’re sharing some of the things you can expect when y
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Managing Your Own Properties-A Big Mistake?

Being a landlord may seem natural for some owners or investors. Based on personal experience, what I can’t stress enough is this could be the single worst decision a lot of people make. Once you talk to other owners/investors who’ve tried it, you may or may not understand exactly
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DIY Wall Art: Let Your Personality Pop

home decorating ideas kansas city kc
Whether it is the first time you have owned a space or you want to upgrade your home or space, you can find home decorating ideas to enjoy more Continue readi
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Revealing Your Favorite TV Show Homes

tv show homes - npm kansas city
If you want to tap into an update with floor plans and the latest looks, then you can use TV show homes for an example. Continue reading Continue Reading →