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Small Space Living 101

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Small homes cost less and can be very convenient for a single person or a new couple, but they can pose problems when it comes to storage. Luckily there are life hacks that can help you turn living in a small space into a more comfortable situation.

Small Space Living – Keep it Simple

The number one way to make small space living more roomy is to get rid of extra “stuff.” The solution seems so simple, but so many people hold on to things they do not need. Practice frugality and simplicity and jettison the excess baggage from your life. Living in a small space can quickly become a cluttered mess, which affects your mood and mind.

Small Space Living – Vertical

To store all the stuff you keep, think vertical. In a larger size home, chests of drawers may be waist height and closets have two main levels: the rod for hangers and the floor. When living in a small space, make use of all space from floor to ceiling whenever possible. Use under bed storage boxes. Get shelf and cabinet closet inserts. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling in the kitchen. Purchase very tall bookshelves and a step stool. Small space living requires versatility.

Small Space Living – Convertible

You can also create more space in your small home by using convertible furniture that serves multiple purposes. The ultimate classic in small space living is a futon, which is both a couch and a bed. There are options that are more grown up and less college dorm style. Consider a wall mounted bed that can fold up during the day to reveal a love seat and shelves. There are small table and bench combos that fold completely to create a side table. There is even a couch available that converts to a set of bunk beds that is perfect for small space living with kids.

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