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Revealing Your Favorite TV Show Homes

If you are thinking of renting a home, your favorite TV show homes can be of envy during the process. They can be a good director when finding out your taste, style and moving into your new home. There are a variety of looks and styles that you can look into for unique and revealing styles for your own space.

Three’s Company, Friends & The Big Bang Theory

Many of the TV show homes have a very specific design used for shooting the camera and creating convenient scenes. For instance, “Three’s Company,” the four apartments from “Friends” and the apartment from “The Big Bang” all hold a similar floor plan. Two bedrooms are located on the left or right side with a bathroom that evens off the one sided area. There is a large entrance with a living room in the front. On the opposite side of the bedrooms is a kitchen for convenient movement during different scenes for TV show homes that also offer convenience.

Dexter, Seinfeld, & Will & Grace

There are also many TV show homes that have expanded the ideal look into new and improved styles. For instance, the residence of Dexter Morgan has an open floor plan with a bedroom to the right hand side and a connecting office on the left. The Seinfield apartment has another open style with the bed and bath on one side and an open kitchen and living room area, often which was used to hold the sets of the show for simplistic style with TV show homes. For more luxurious styles, one can tap into the Will and Grace Show with two bedrooms that had private bathrooms, a separate lounge space to one side and a patio.

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The styles and looks of TV show homes reveal floor plans that offer convenient and luxurious accommodations. All of the TV show homes have a specific set to assist with the easiest filming while offering different approaches to a lifestyle that fits with apartments. Looking into the floor plans and styles of TV show homes also shows unique looks and approaches to upscale apartment living.

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