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Preparing for Long-Term Renters

In today’s difficult economy and slow sales market, many people are looking to rent out  their home.  Make preparations for your long-term renters so they can enjoy their new living arrangements.

Deep Clean

First and foremost, make sure that your home is clean. No one one wants to move into a home that is dusty or dirty. Vacuum and clean the carpets, and steam-clean the drapes if they show signs of dirt. Make sure countertops, floorings and all surfaces are clean. Don’t forget basements, garages, under cabinets and inside closets.

Clear Space

Make sure that the renter has access to all of the closet space they will need. Remove items you’ve been storing in the basement or closets, and put them in a small, locked area if necessary. Your renters should be able to utilize all of the rented space— not just a portion of it.

Provide Extras

While it’s not completely necessary to go above and beyond for your renters, doing a little extra will ensure they enjoy their stay and will recommend your place to others. Consider providing extras like cable television or leave furnace filters in the home for them.

Take Pictures

You may want to photograph your property. While your property manager will do this as well, a back up is always a good idea.

Create Expectations

Your property manager should outline all the rules and expectations up front.  The easiest thing to do to keep you renters in the home long-term is to be very responsive to reasonable requests. Remember that if you make this experience a good one for renters, they’ll be more likely to rent long-term or recommend your place to someone else. For more information on renting your home in the Kansas City area, call National Property Management Group at (913) 766-2302.
  1. Total Home Reply
    Great ideas. Thanks!
  2. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City Reply
    I hear that deep cleaning is the best!
  3. TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park Reply
    As much as we might not like to, clearing out space so that the renters can use it makes total sense. They deserve it since they're paying.
  4. I have only been a renter but I always appreciated a landlord that was up front and keep his property running smoothly. I saw many of these tips in the good places I lived.
  5. TITLE Boxing Club Forest Hills Reply
    These all seem like real smart things to do before a long or short term renter comes in but I do see the point of making a long term client feel welcome.
  6. TITLE Boxing Club North Andover Reply
    I feel this should be done for all renters because you never know who could turn out to be a long term renter.

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