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Pet Trend For Property Managers

Pet Trend For Property ManagersDo your tenants own any pets? If not, there’s a good chance they will at some point. More and more people are becoming pet owners. According to a recent survey by, 75% of renters claimed that they had one or more pets in the home. This is an increase of 32% from what it was last year. To no surprise, cats and dogs are the most commonly owned pets with property renters.

Property Management Pet Trends

Out of the renters surveyed, 65% of the pet owners claimed that they had experienced some problems when trying to find pet-friendly properties to rent. Roughly the same amount, 63% of renters, said that they were required to put down a pet deposit on their rental. In most cases, this pet deposit was $200.

What property managers and owners will find interesting is that 58% of the renters who did not own a pet claimed to have intentionally sought out a pet-friendly property. The number of renters surveyed living in pet-friendly properties increased by 59% since last year. Property renters who do not own pets are wanting to live near pet owners or have the option to become a pet owner in the future.

Should Property Managers Be Pet-Friendly

There is definitely a trend in property rentals which shows that people are actively looking for rental property that allows pets. It also shows that these pet owners are willing to pay additional costs for this benefit. If you are not allowing pet owners to become tenants in your properties then you are missing out on a large subset of renters. When we take into consideration that 65% of pet owners claimed having difficulties finding a pet-friendly rental, this gives you a competitive advantage by allowing pets in your units.

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  1. ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs Reply
    I do not have a pet because of the ridiculous additional costs it entails for renters. Your pet has to be a specific kind or breed, weigh a certain amount, then you pay a pet deposit and a monthly rent on top of that. Not worth it to me! I almost wish I didn't live in a pet friendly place because my neighbors dogs bark all day long when their owners aren't home!
  2. TITLE Boxing Club Phoenix Reply
    I like seeing when property owners are pet friendly.
  3. I appreciate when property owners are pet friendly.
  4. ARCpoint Labs of Herndon Reply
    It seems it would be wise to be pet-friendly with the number of pet owners going up every day. Even for store owners, etc. it's not a bad idea.
  5. Reply
    This is the second time I've been to your site. Thanks for explaining more information.

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