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Smart Renovations For Property Managers

When it comes to attracting tenants the most important factor is probably how the home, condo or apartment actually looks, right? No amount of extra amenities is going to make up for outdated appliances, peeling paint or dingy floors.

A coat of fresh paint works wonders.

A coat of fresh paint works wonders.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge amount of money to please new (and existing) tenants.

Paint: neutral colors avoid the “institutional” white that some property managers like to choose. Just about any decorating scheme can work around understated browns, tans or vanillas. And any color when done well beats scratched and dirty walls.  Don’t forget trim which can look old and dirty even faster.

Kitchens: no matter the home, the kitchen can be the main gathering place and is certainly the highlight for anyone who likes to cook. Old kitchen cabinets look terrible but can easily be repainted or even refaced at a lower cost than replacing. New hardware can also work wonders. Consider a new counter overlay to simulate granite without the expense.

Bathrooms: Just like the kitchen, a bathroom upgrade can simply consist of revitalized cabinets and new hardware. An new exhaust fan, new light fixtures, or some new towel racks and hooks add some pizzazz.

Landscaping: curb appeal is huge when a prospective tenant first sees a property. Especially for a rental home. An investment in durable landscape plants and even flowers by the front door will welcome and entice.

Clean: nothing turns off a new renter more than a dirty living space. Hire a professional cleaning company to give the property a thorough clean and shine.

These are just a few recommendations to make renting your property easier and keeping tenants longer. The cost of an empty property can far outweigh the minor investments in appearance upgrades so get out that paintbrush and screwdriver. National Property Management Group specializes in managing property for homeowners who find themselves with space to rent but no desire to be landlords. From re-location for work to just waiting out the housing market to an inherited property NPM Group can take on those duties that most homeowners just don’t have time for.

  1. Educators Credit Union Reply
    You really have to spruce up a home to make it sellable. People don't want to see personal things, and they certainly don't want to see a dirty, unkempt home. Thanks for sharing this great post!
  2. Prestige One Landscaping Reply
    I'll remember these tips when I do my renovations.
  3. darcy hubbert Reply
    This is absolutely one great post! I like the ideas in here. Awesome!
  4. ARCpoint Labs of Merrimack Reply
    These are very helpful tips that I will use when i am doing my own home improvement projects
  5. US SolarG Reply
    I have been looking recently and I notice I do not like outdated pictures. I'd rather see up to date, modern homes.
  6. Pro Window Cleaning Reply
    There are always smart and not so smart decisions when it comes to renovations. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely share this.
  7. The TIL Show Reply
    Very right about the Kitchen. This is where my family gathers.
  8. Patio Enclosures KC Reply
    When I rented in college, I always went with the cheapest places - which never had good looking rooms or responsive owners. However, now I want places that look decent. I work hard for my money and expect the places that I live in to reflect this.

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